About Gazebo Weddings of Savannah

The requirements to obtain a Sate of Georgia marriage license are simple and easy to follow. A license MUST be obtained from the county courthouse before the ceremony can be performed. Couples that are both Georgia residents can obtain their license from any county courthouse in the state. There is no blood test and no expiration date for the license. Out-of-state couples must obtain their license from the county in which the wedding will be held (Savannah is in Chatham County). You will both need to show a photo ID (driver’s license or military ID) to acquire your license. If you have ever been married previously, you must present a copy of your final divorce decree. The Chatham County Courthouse is located at 133 Montgomery St. in Savannah and the Probate office is on the 5th floor, Room 509. For pricing and more information call the Chatham County Probate Court office 912-652-7265.